We're happy to announce that our latest version of Simultaneous Ring has been pushed out. This version fixes a lot of the bugs in the last beta version and is redesigned to include a lot of additional functionality.

- Various bug fixes

- Call hunting option

- Auto answer toggle

- Caller announce

- Call handling menu

You can access it under Features - BETA - Simul Ring.

Ring All

With Ring All, your calls will ring your VOIPo line and an external destination both at the same time. Whichever call answers first will take the call.

Ring In Order/Call Hunt

With Ring In Order/Call Hunt, you can specify up to 2 external destinations and incoming calls will ring one at a time in order starting with your VOIPo adapter for the amount of time you specify.

Auto Answer/Caller Announce

When auto answer is enabled, your call will immediately be connected when you answer any ringing phone.

When auto answer is disabled and you answer a simul ring destination phone, you will get a menu announcing the caller and giving you 3 options to handle the call.

1 - Accept the call

2 - Send to voicemail

3 - Ignore the call (Call continues to ring other destinations)

This is especially useful if you have a cell phone as a destination number since if the cell phone voicemail comes on immediately, it would be bypassed since you would need to press 1 to accept the call.