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Thread: SIP Softphone apps

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    Jitsi, formerly SIP Communicator, is still in Beta, but has tons of features. Not as stable as XLite though... yet.

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    I have used x-lite primarily, I also have problems with the keypad being disabled if I click away from the x-lite window at any time. The other problem I have is the Setting the default devices, they go back to "anysoft virtual sound" after every reboot. I can't seem to make the default devices what I choose.

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    I have been using VOP nano, quite well. It is a little slow starting up, I don't run it all the time because of only 2 Gig on my rather slow windows 7 machine. But it allows me to enter a directory which works fine. It is flaky in some of the extra commands, but for keeping a directory and dialing out it works just fine on my computer. I do not use it to receive calls.

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