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Thread: Cisco SPA512G IP Phone

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    Default Cisco SPA512G IP Phone

    Got a Cisco SPA 512G IP Phone today and set it up. Wow once you know how it's really simple.

    Open a browser and go to the ip address. Mine is 10.0.0.x and the Cisco console opens up.

    Click on the Admin Login in the upper right corner.

    Click on Ext1 in the middle left side tabs.

    You'll see a screen with almost 30 choices or boxes to fill in. No worries, you need to put three things in on this page and it'll be ready to go.

    Proxy and registration

    Subscriber Information
    User ID: (phone number)
    Password: (get it from Voipo's VPanel for BYOD via email)

    Click the submit all changes.

    You should have dial tone. You will need to disconnect your hardware device from Voipo to get your phone to ring.

    Then go to the Regional tab

    Set the time and date. Time is military.

    The Personal Directory entries look like this:


    So you can quickly fill in your directory.

    Press the button with the envelope icon and put 123 in for the number to call for voicemail, then save it.

    You are pretty much configured now. Enjoy.


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    Default Re: Cisco SPA512G IP Phone

    Thanks for sharing this with the community. I'm sure it'll help some other customers out.
    Timothy Dick

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