WE've been voipo customers for years now. We have the phone line set to forward to my cell. It has worked fine for years. Calls will ring on my cell then if I don't answer, they go to the cell's voicemail. Recently, SOME calls go to voicemail on VOIPO. and don't even ring on the home phone (I've happened to

I think I saw something about forwarding calls doesn't work for calls originating from another VOIPO account? These are business calls (including a Hilton hotel) and some other small / large businesses. Nice to know that Voipo is signing up more clients, but seems weird too that we never had this issue for years and now all of a sudden several different companies all are coming in as voicemail.

Anyone have a similar experience?

Seems bad - I want to root for VOIPOs success and sign up more clients. But the more then sign up, the less my forwarding will work?

Any other work arounds?