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  1. Can I add a phone number to an account that already exists? You can definitely add a phone number to an account that already exists.  In the case of adding a phone number to a Full Service Account, the phone number will be setup as a virtual phone number which means that by default it will simply serve a... Read More
  2. Is VOIPo compatible with a soft phone? In order to use a soft phone with VOIPo service, you must have, at least, speakers and a microphone. A headset works best as it decreases a lot of the echo that you would otherwise hear. Recommended Softphones: Zoiper  - http:/... Read More
  3. How do I transfer/port my existing home phone number? We are able to port your existing number at no additional cost. Please note that the process will take 1-2 weeks, and in extreme scenarios it may take up to 45 days. The account / number must remain active at the previous provider until... Read More
  4. Network Failover Forwarding  Did the kids bring down the home Internet again?  With Failover Forwarding, simply specify an alternative contact number and our system will automatically forward calls anytime you've lost connection to our network.  By default F... Read More
  5. Will dangerous weather affect my VOIPo service?  As long as your internet connection is functional and your VOIPo device is powered, you'll be able to use your service regardless of the weather outside. VOIPo Support cannot guarantee the up-time through acts of nature that could ina... Read More
  6. What type of internet service do I need for VOIPo?    VOIPo requires a high speed internet connection such as DSL, cable internet, or fiber optic service (such as FiOS).    It also requires a minimum of 256 kilobits per second or higher, upload and download spe... Read More
  7. Can I use VOIPo over a dial-up internet connection?  Voice over IP requires a high speed internet connection (broadband) such as DSL, cable internet, or fiber.  You will not be able to use dial-up internet with VOIPo service.... Read More
  8. What is a Virtual Number? You're able to add additional phone numbers to your account from any cities/rate centers that VOIPo offers service in. These numbers simply point to your primary number established with VOIPo. This is especially useful if you want to have a pres... Read More
  9. How do I order the Virtual Fax Service? VOIPo provides a virtual fax service for customers who wish to have a fax line. To order this service please do the following from your vPanel Account Management Tool (      1) Click on Feature... Read More
  10. What types of Internet connections will VOIPo work with? VOIPo recommends the use of high speed and low latency networks to use our services with optimum quality. Ultimately, the quality of your service with us relies on the quality of your Internet connection. We recommend DSL or Cable I... Read More
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