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  1. Call Forwarding Instantly forward all calls to an alternative phone number of your choosing. Additionally, you may forward calls based on a custom pre-defined criteria (Custom Inbound Call Routing). To setup call forwarding, login to your vPanel at account.v... Read More
  2. Can I allow my customers to call internationally? You can allow outbound international calls for Full Service Line accounts.  Simply login to your Reseller Control Panel and navigate as follows: Accounts -> [Click on Applicable Account Username] -> Account Options.  You will then be ... Read More
  3. How do I transfer/port my existing home phone number? We are able to port your existing number at no additional cost. Please note that the process will take 1-2 weeks, and in extreme scenarios it may take up to 45 days. The account / number must remain active at the previous provider until... Read More
  4. Is VOIPo compatible with a soft phone? In order to use a soft phone with VOIPo service, you must have, at least, speakers and a microphone. A headset works best as it decreases a lot of the echo that you would otherwise hear. Recommended Softphones: Zoiper  - http:/... Read More
  5. Record a greeting To set a personalized greeting, dial 123 on your VOIPo connected phone to enter your Mailbox. Once in here, you'll listen for the prompts to enter the Advanced Options (option 5). Enter the Advanced Options and listen for the prompt to Record ... Read More
  6. Why was the cost of the call different than I expected? The per minute rate is calculated based on a few different variables.  Such as but not limited to: A) Is the call incoming or outgoing? B) Is the call international?     1) Example would be a call outbound to a international de... Read More
  7. How can I create an account? You can create an account simply by logging into your Reseller Account and navigating as follows: Accounts -> Create Accounts.  You will first be required to select the type of account you are wanting to create, the options available will be ... Read More
  8. Star Code/Feature Code List *20 - Call Forwarding (Include Destination Number) Example: *205551113333 *21 - Disable Call Forwarding *22 - Do Not Disturb - Send to Busy *23 - Do Not Disturb - Send to Voicemail *2... Read More
  9. Where can I find international rates? Visit for international rates.... Read More
  10. Sample Number Transfer Letter of Authorization Sample LOA: --- VOIPo Letter of Authorization Thank you for selecting VOIPo. Number Portability allows you to keep your current number while changing your service provider. Upon receipt of ... Read More
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