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  1. Can I dial 900 area code numbers with my VOIPo service? No, VOIPo service does not support dialing 900 area code numbers.... Read More
  2. How do I register my E-911 address?  Upon the completion and processing of your sign up, you must log into our vPanel Account Management Tool and manually update your E-911 address information. Please follow the steps below to update your E-911 address:   &nb... Read More
  3. What is the rollover line or 2nd line on the adapter? A 2nd line rollover is not another telephone number. The VOIPo phone adapter that you receive has two phone line ports for you to utilize. By default, the 2nd port is a rollover of the first line port configured with the same phone number but just co... Read More
  4. Demo control panels for Reseller Program The following logins are available for demonstration purposes for the reseller program. Reseller interface: Username: resellerdemo Password: demo Full Service Line Reseller Customer: Username: residentialdemo... Read More
  5. PBX BETA Info Overview Each PBX has its own subdomain/hostname which is used for all connections to it such as logging in, accessing the control panel, SIP registrations, etc. Every function within the PBX is assigned an extension. Every extension within your PB... Read More
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