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Cloud VoIP Service

With our Cloud VoIP service, you can get VoIP service completely in the cloud with no equipment required on your end. We offer toll-free numbers and US local numbers that can be forwarded to any US number (like a cell phone) or used with a SIP device. Once you have a number, you'll also be able to use SIP devices to make outgoing calls to US numbers with your cloud account.

NEW: Lower pricing announced.

All outbound domestic calls are billed at $0.01 per minute.

Cloud VoIP Services

  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • US Local Numbers
  • New Numbers Available in Over 7,500 Areas
  • Transfer in Existing Numbers for Free
  • Outbound US Domestic Calling
  • Voicemail, SMS, Call History and More

Ways to Use Toll-Free and US Number Options

  • Forward To Other US/Can Numbers
  • Setup a SIP Account to Use a SIP Device
  • Use your Existing SIP Phone System
  • Forward to a SIP address
  • Instantly Change Routing
  • Use with VOIPo PBX
  • Incoming Minutes
  • Overage Incoming Minutes
  • Forwarding to SIP
  • Forwarding to US/Can Number
  • SMS Texting*

US Number

  • 500 / Monthly
  • 1.0¢/Min
  • FREE
  • 1.0¢/Min
  • FREE
  • $3

Toll Free Number

  • 100 / Monthly
  • 2.5¢/Min
  • FREE
  • 1.0¢/Min
  • N/A
  • $3

We Actually Care

It may sound crazy in this day and age, but we care about your experience with our VoIP service and appreciate your business. Really.

Amazing Customer Service

We're located in Southern California. Deal with knowledgeable support agents that can actually solve your problems and help you.