Hi, I just returned to VOIPo after 4 rears with another carrier. I didn't remember why I left until I re-signed and seen the old support tickets. There was a Multi-Ring problem and I think also The Voicemail indicator didn't seem to work.

After those years, the Multi-Ring now works just fine, but the Voicemail indicator on my Panasonic cordless phones do not. I am using an OBI202 and did see some settings for this. I just tested it and it does not state "Voicemail" and the blinking light does not blink on the handset. But, about 3PM everyday, the phones do say "Voicemail" and the light flashes, although there are not any voicemails. To clear those indicators I have to go to my VOIPo portal and under Voicemail click on Update Indicator.

Has anyone had success getting the voicemail indicator to work? If so I would like to know what setting you use.

Thanks, Hollywood