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  1. VoIP Reseller Panel Sitemap Call History This page will show a master call log of all calls from all accounts within your reseller account. You can narrow the display by account, call type, and date.  You ... Read More
  2. Can I download my Call History? You can download your call history.  Simply login to your Reseller Control Panel and navigate to "Call History".  You will then be able to select the Year and Month and download history for that applicable selection.... Read More
  3. How do I change the time zone that is used to display my Call History? To change the time zone used for Call History and other time-based features,      1. Log in to your VPanel at      2. Click the tab labeled "Account".  Once the page loads, click the ... Read More
  4. Sample Terms of Service The use of services provided by VOIPo LLC [hereafter referred to as "VOIPo"] constitutes agreement to these terms. BY ACTIVATING OR USING THE SERVICE, YOU REPRESENT THAT YOU ARE OF LEGAL AGE TO ENTER INTO THIS AGREEMENT AND THAT YOU HAVE READ AND UND... Read More
  5. Sample Number Transfer Letter of Authorization Sample LOA: --- VOIPo Letter of Authorization Thank you for selecting VOIPo. Number Portability allows you to keep your current number while changing your service provider. Upon receipt of ... Read More
  6. Star Code/Feature Code List *20 - Call Forwarding (Include Destination Number) Example: *205551113333 *21 - Disable Call Forwarding *22 - Do Not Disturb - Send to Busy *23 - Do Not Disturb - Send to Voicemail *2... Read More
  7. Why was the cost of the call different than I expected? The per minute rate is calculated based on a few different variables.  Such as but not limited to: A) Is the call incoming or outgoing? B) Is the call international?     1) Example would be a call outbound to a international de... Read More
  8. Voicemail Controls Once logged into the Voipo provided control panel (vPanel), there will be a tab labeled "Voicemail" in the top right. In here, you will be able to control a multitude of settings established with your Voicemail. Select Mailbox: In this sectio... Read More
  9. Can I allow my customers to call internationally? You can allow outbound international calls for Full Service Line accounts.  Simply login to your Reseller Control Panel and navigate as follows: Accounts -> [Click on Applicable Account Username] -> Account Options.  You will then be ... Read More
  10. What is the billing time interval for calls?  We bill based on 60 second intervals, this means if you have a call that is 62 seconds long you will be billed for 120 seconds (i.e. rounded to the next minute).... Read More
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