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  1. What is the rollover line or 2nd line on the adapter? A 2nd line rollover is not another telephone number. The VOIPo phone adapter that you receive has two phone line ports for you to utilize. By default, the 2nd port is a rollover of the first line port configured with the same phone number but just co... Read More
  2. How do I order the Virtual Fax Service? VOIPo provides a virtual fax service for customers who wish to have a fax line. To order this service please do the following from your vPanel Account Management Tool (      1) Click on Feature... Read More
  3. What is E-911?  E-911 stands for Enhanced 911. This service is provided where available as a VOIPo customer. When you place a call to 911 your information is sent to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). With E-911, operators no longer need to ask ... Read More
  4. Can I use my VOIPo service when I am out of the country? Please be aware that VOIPo can not offer assistance with any connectivity issues while using the hardware outside of the US.  As a US based company at this time we only support the use of our services within the US.... Read More
  5. Can I disable international calling on my account? You can block outgoing international calls on your VOIPo account by doing the following:      1) Log in to your VPanel at      2) Select the "Features" tab.      3) Click ... Read More
  6. Is VOIPo compatible with my alarm system, DVR, credit card machine, or fax machine?  Unfortunately, the success of analog transmissions from these devices over VoIP technology is inconsistent and unreliable.  We can not guarantee compatibility with these devices, therefore, they are unsupported on the VOIPo service.... Read More
  7. Speed Dial (Custom Outbound Route) To setup speed dial, login to the vPanel at         1) Click on "Features"         2) Click on "Speed Dial" on the left column         3) In the "S... Read More
  8. Will dangerous weather affect my VOIPo service?  As long as your internet connection is functional and your VOIPo device is powered, you'll be able to use your service regardless of the weather outside. VOIPo Support cannot guarantee the up-time through acts of nature that could ina... Read More
  9. Network Failover Forwarding  Did the kids bring down the home Internet again?  With Failover Forwarding, simply specify an alternative contact number and our system will automatically forward calls anytime you've lost connection to our network.  By default F... Read More
  10. Call Blocking (Custom Inbound Route)  Route calls based upon your own unique criteria, all from the comfort of your web based vPanel account (located under Features -> Call routes-Incoming). Add specific numbers to route, define groups/contacts, or create your own custom rules ... Read More
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