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  1. PBX BETA Info Overview Each PBX has its own subdomain/hostname which is used for all connections to it such as logging in, accessing the control panel, SIP registrations, etc. Every function within the PBX is assigned an extension. Every extension within your PB... Read More
  2. Does VOIPo offer BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) service?  While VOIPo does not offer a separate BYOD plan, BYOD credentials are generated once you register your official VOIPo device. To retrieve your BYOD credentials for your own equipment:      1)... Read More
  3. Is VOIPo compatible with a soft phone? In order to use a soft phone with VOIPo service, you must have, at least, speakers and a microphone. A headset works best as it decreases a lot of the echo that you would otherwise hear. Recommended Softphones: Zoiper  - http:/... Read More
  4. Where can I find my SIP credentials? You will be able to find your SIP credentials for your applicable Full Service Line account simply by logging into your Reseller Control Panel and navigating as follows: Accounts -> [Click on Applicable Account Username] -> SIP Credentials.&nbs... Read More
  5. Why was the cost of the call different than I expected? The per minute rate is calculated based on a few different variables.  Such as but not limited to: A) Is the call incoming or outgoing? B) Is the call international?     1) Example would be a call outbound to a international de... Read More
  6. Can I use my own hardware with VOIPo? You are able to use your own hardware.  You can even have us provision it for you if it is a supported device i.e. RT31P2, PAP2T, or HT-502.  In order for us to provision your device hardware simply login to your Reseller Control Panel and ... Read More
  7. How can I create an account? You can create an account simply by logging into your Reseller Account and navigating as follows: Accounts -> Create Accounts.  You will first be required to select the type of account you are wanting to create, the options available will be ... Read More
  8. Can I use any SIP compatible device? Yes, our network will work with any SIP compatible device however we are unable to support any unsupported devices.  Examples of supported devices: RT31P2, PAP2T, HT-502.... Read More
  9. Basic Troubleshooting Guide If you are experiencing any of the following issues, your router or internet gateway may need additional configuration:   -  No audio - Incoming calls not ringing - Dropped calls   ... Read More