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  1. Can I add a phone number to an account that already exists? You can definitely add a phone number to an account that already exists.  In the case of adding a phone number to a Full Service Account, the phone number will be setup as a virtual phone number which means that by default it will simply serve a... Read More
  2. Voicemail Controls Once logged into the Voipo provided control panel (vPanel), there will be a tab labeled "Voicemail" in the top right. In here, you will be able to control a multitude of settings established with your Voicemail. Select Mailbox: In this sectio... Read More
  3. How do I transfer/port my existing home phone number? We are able to port your existing number at no additional cost. Please note that the process will take 1-2 weeks, and in extreme scenarios it may take up to 45 days. The account / number must remain active at the previous provider until... Read More
  4. Outgoing Caller ID Select between sending your outgoing caller ID, marking your call as Private, or blocking all outgoing caller ID information (will typically show as Unknown). Available under your vPanel Account Management Tool     &n... Read More
  5. Will I be provided with a Temporary Number while my number transfers/ports to VOIPo? When you sign up for VOIPo Residential / Small Business and request to transfer a number, a free "Virtual Number" (serves as a temporary incoming number) is provided at no additional cost. Please conta... Read More
  6. What is a Virtual Number? You're able to add additional phone numbers to your account from any cities/rate centers that VOIPo offers service in. These numbers simply point to your primary number established with VOIPo. This is especially useful if you want to have a pres... Read More
  7. How do I order a Virtual Number? To order a Virtual Number:        1) Log into your vPanel Account Management Tool        2) Click the "Features" tab        3) Click "Virtual Num... Read More
  8. How do I order the Virtual Fax Service? VOIPo provides a virtual fax service for customers who wish to have a fax line. To order this service please do the following from your vPanel Account Management Tool (      1) Click on Feature... Read More
  9. Sample Number Transfer Letter of Authorization Sample LOA: --- VOIPo Letter of Authorization Thank you for selecting VOIPo. Number Portability allows you to keep your current number while changing your service provider. Upon receipt of ... Read More
  10. Star Code/Feature Code List *20 - Call Forwarding (Include Destination Number) Example: *205551113333 *21 - Disable Call Forwarding *22 - Do Not Disturb - Send to Busy *23 - Do Not Disturb - Send to Voicemail *2... Read More
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