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  1. What is E-911?  E-911 stands for Enhanced 911. This service is provided where available as a VOIPo customer. When you place a call to 911 your information is sent to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). With E-911, operators no longer need to ask ... Read More
  2. What types of Internet connections will VOIPo work with? VOIPo recommends the use of high speed and low latency networks to use our services with optimum quality. Ultimately, the quality of your service with us relies on the quality of your Internet connection. We recommend DSL or Cable I... Read More
  3. Grandstream HT701 / HT702 Installation Guide Connecting Your VOIPo Adapter (Grandstream HT701 / HT702)   To begin using your new VOIPo service, simply connect the VOIPo adapter to your internet connection.   1)  Phone - Plug your tele... Read More
  4. Reseller Terms of Service Visit for the Reseller Terms of Service. ... Read More
  5. How do my customers order service? Customers order service directly from you in whatever way you choose. To setup accounts, you will need to login to your reseller control panel and manually create the accounts for them.... Read More
  6. Basic Troubleshooting Guide If you are experiencing any of the following issues, your router or internet gateway may need additional configuration:   -  No audio - Incoming calls not ringing - Dropped calls   ... Read More
  7. How can I create an account? You can create an account simply by logging into your Reseller Account and navigating as follows: Accounts -> Create Accounts.  You will first be required to select the type of account you are wanting to create, the options available will be ... Read More
  8. How can I cancel an individual E911 subscription? You can cancel an individual phone number simply by logging into your Reseller Account and navigating as follows: Billing -> Upcoming Transactions.  You will then be able to locate the specific item you are wishing to cancel (in this case the... Read More
  9. How can I stop my account balance from going negative? You can setup and use our auto replenishment feature.  This will allow you to maintain a positive balance so your calls and service will always be available since VOIPo's reseller program is all prepaid.  Once your balance hits $1.00 y... Read More
  10. Can I add a phone number to an account that already exists? You can definitely add a phone number to an account that already exists.  In the case of adding a phone number to a Full Service Account, the phone number will be setup as a virtual phone number which means that by default it will simply serve a... Read More
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