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  1. Network Failover Forwarding  Did the kids bring down the home Internet again?  With Failover Forwarding, simply specify an alternative contact number and our system will automatically forward calls anytime you've lost connection to our network.  By default F... Read More
  2. Telemarketer Block  Telemarketers are getting more and more crafty these days. We have integrated a telemarketer block system driven on community based submissions.  If you enable this feature, any calls flagged by you or other VOIPo users... Read More
  3. Speed Dial (Custom Outbound Route) To setup speed dial, login to the vPanel at         1) Click on "Features"         2) Click on "Speed Dial" on the left column         3) In the "S... Read More
  4. Changing the vPanel password.  Please follow the steps below to change your password:      1) Log into your vPanel Account Management Tool      2) Click the "Account" tab      3) Then click "Pass... Read More
  5. Can I receive voicemail by email when someone leaves a message? Yes, you can have voicemail files emailed to you if a caller leaves a message.  To enable this, do the following:      1) Log in to your VPanel at      2) Select the "Voic... Read More
  6. Can I disable international calling on my account? You can block outgoing international calls on your VOIPo account by doing the following:      1) Log in to your VPanel at      2) Select the "Features" tab.      3) Click ... Read More
  7. How do I change the time zone that is used to display my Call History? To change the time zone used for Call History and other time-based features,      1. Log in to your VPanel at      2. Click the tab labeled "Account".  Once the page loads, click the ... Read More
  8. Does VOIPo offer BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) service?  While VOIPo does not offer a separate BYOD plan, BYOD credentials are generated once you register your official VOIPo device. To retrieve your BYOD credentials for your own equipment:      1)... Read More
  9. What is E-911?  E-911 stands for Enhanced 911. This service is provided where available as a VOIPo customer. When you place a call to 911 your information is sent to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). With E-911, operators no longer need to ask ... Read More
  10. How do I register my E-911 address?  Upon the completion and processing of your sign up, you must log into our vPanel Account Management Tool and manually update your E-911 address information. Please follow the steps below to update your E-911 address:   &nb... Read More
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