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  1. How do I register my E-911 address?  Upon the completion and processing of your sign up, you must log into our vPanel Account Management Tool and manually update your E-911 address information. Please follow the steps below to update your E-911 address:   &nb... Read More
  2. What is E-911?  E-911 stands for Enhanced 911. This service is provided where available as a VOIPo customer. When you place a call to 911 your information is sent to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). With E-911, operators no longer need to ask ... Read More
  3. Can I dial 900 area code numbers with my VOIPo service? No, VOIPo service does not support dialing 900 area code numbers.... Read More
  4. Can I receive collect calls with my VOIPo service? No, VOIPo does not support receiving collect calls.... Read More
  5. Can I use my VOIPo service when I am out of the country? Please be aware that VOIPo can not offer assistance with any connectivity issues while using the hardware outside of the US.  As a US based company at this time we only support the use of our services within the US.... Read More
  6. Can I use VOIPo over a dial-up internet connection?  Voice over IP requires a high speed internet connection (broadband) such as DSL, cable internet, or fiber.  You will not be able to use dial-up internet with VOIPo service.... Read More
  7. What type of internet service do I need for VOIPo?    VOIPo requires a high speed internet connection such as DSL, cable internet, or fiber optic service (such as FiOS).    It also requires a minimum of 256 kilobits per second or higher, upload and download spe... Read More
  8. Does VOIPo offer BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) service?  While VOIPo does not offer a separate BYOD plan, BYOD credentials are generated once you register your official VOIPo device. To retrieve your BYOD credentials for your own equipment:      1)... Read More
  9. My call quality is poor, what could be causing this?  Generally, poor call quality is a result of an issue with the internet connection.  There are multiple tests you can conduct to test your internet connection.  VOIPo provides a utility for testing that can be down... Read More
  10. Is there any trial period for VOIPo service in case it's not right for me? We believe our service is the best choice for anyone seeking a reliable, feature-rich VoIP service with excellent customer service.  Because we're so sure you'll be satisfied with the service, we offer a 30 day guarantee.  If with... Read More
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