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  1. How do I change the time zone that is used to display my Call History? To change the time zone used for Call History and other time-based features,      1. Log in to your VPanel at      2. Click the tab labeled "Account".  Once the page loads, click the ... Read More
  2. Can I disable international calling on my account? You can block outgoing international calls on your VOIPo account by doing the following:      1) Log in to your VPanel at      2) Select the "Features" tab.      3) Click ... Read More
  3. Can I port my toll-free number to VOIPo? Yes, VOIPo offers the option of porting in your toll-free number.  For a detailed guide on how to port your telephone number, please visit our Number Porting Article.... Read More
  4. Is VOIPo compatible with my alarm system, DVR, credit card machine, or fax machine?  Unfortunately, the success of analog transmissions from these devices over VoIP technology is inconsistent and unreliable.  We can not guarantee compatibility with these devices, therefore, they are unsupported on the VOIPo service.... Read More
  5. How do I cancel my VOIPo account? To cancel your VOIPo account, visit and enter the requested information.  Please allow up to 48 hours for processing.... Read More
  6. How can I block private or restricted numbers from calling me? To block private or restricted calls:      1) Log in to your account at      2) Select the tab labeled "Features"      3) On the left column select "Private Call Handling" &... Read More
  7. Can I receive voicemail by email when someone leaves a message? Yes, you can have voicemail files emailed to you if a caller leaves a message.  To enable this, do the following:      1) Log in to your VPanel at      2) Select the "Voic... Read More
  8. Listings in public directories once number ports/transfers into VOIPo.  When you choose to transfer your existing number to VOIPo, we submit your number transfer request and retain the current directory listing. This means that whatever your previous listing was, this will be the same remain with VOIPo services. ... Read More
  9. Will I be provided with a Temporary Number while my number transfers/ports to VOIPo? When you sign up for VOIPo Residential / Small Business and request to transfer a number, a free "Virtual Number" (serves as a temporary incoming number) is provided at no additional cost. Please conta... Read More
  10. Am I able to transfer my cell phone number to VOIPo? We are able to port your existing wireless number at no additional cost. Please note that the process will take 1-2 weeks, and in extreme scenarios it may take up to 45 days.... Read More
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