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  1. Where can I find international rates? Visit for international rates.... Read More
  2. Does VOIPo provide resellers a website? No, VOIPo does not provide a website.  You are responsible for creating your own website. ... Read More
  3. Does VOIPo provide technical support for my customers? No.  VOIPo does not provide technical support for your customers.  We provide support to resellers only. You are responsible for providing support to your customers. If you need help, we will help you, but we will not interact with yo... Read More
  4. Does VOIPo provide a control panel for my customers? Yes, VOIPo provides a reseller control panel for you to manage all your customer accounts and a customer control panel for each customer to manage their individual account. ... Read More
  5. Does VOIPo provide a billing system? No, VOIPo does not bill your customers or offer a billing system. ... Read More
  6. Sample Number Transfer Letter of Authorization Sample LOA: --- VOIPo Letter of Authorization Thank you for selecting VOIPo. Number Portability allows you to keep your current number while changing your service provider. Upon receipt of ... Read More
  7. Sample Terms of Service The use of services provided by VOIPo LLC [hereafter referred to as "VOIPo"] constitutes agreement to these terms. BY ACTIVATING OR USING THE SERVICE, YOU REPRESENT THAT YOU ARE OF LEGAL AGE TO ENTER INTO THIS AGREEMENT AND THAT YOU HAVE READ AND UND... Read More
  8. Sample E911 Disclaimer E911 Disclaimer  VOIPo provides you with phone services over your broadband connection. There is an important difference between the VOIPo service and the phone service provided over a traditional phone line -- this difference is that the 9-1... Read More
  9. Reseller Terms of Service Visit for the Reseller Terms of Service. ... Read More
  10. VoIP Reseller Panel Sitemap Call History This page will show a master call log of all calls from all accounts within your reseller account. You can narrow the display by account, call type, and date.  You ... Read More
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